Food Sci Nutr , 2023, doi: 10.1002/fsn3.3385.

Functional stirred yogurt manufactured using co-microencapsulated or free forms of grape pomace and flaxseed oil as bioactive ingredients: Physicochemical, antioxidant, rheological, microstructural, and sensory properties

Saberi M Saremnezhad S Soltani M Faraji A

Functional stirred yogurt samples were manufactured with combinations of grape pomace (GP) and flaxseed oil (FO) in microencapsulated or free forms (2% w/w) and quality characteristics of yogurts were investigated during 21 days of storage. The incorporation of GP and FO in microencapsulated or free forms caused a significant decrease in pH, syneresis, and a significant increase in acidity, water holding capacity, and viscosity of stirred yogurt (p < .05). While stirred yogurt containing GP and FO in free form had the highest loss modulus (G″), all yogurt samples represented solid-like behavior. Stirred yogurts containing the microencapsulated form of GP and FO showed the highest amount of phenolics and antioxidant activity compared with the two other yogurt samples (p < .05). More compact structure and higher gel strength were observed in stirred yogurts formulated with the microencapsulated or free form of GP and FO, compared to the control yogurt sample. The overall sensory acceptability of stirred yogurt manufactured using the encapsulated form of GP and FO was not significantly different from the control yogurt sample (p > .05). In conclusion of this competitive study, GP and FO as bioactive compounds could be used in the microencapsulated form in order to develop functional stirred yogurt with specific quality characteristics.

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